Social Projects

Hotel Parkside is not only doing business but is also doing its part to help society.
 We are running or supporting different kinds of projects that help improve the standard of living for women, men and children around Chitwan National Park. Your stay at Hotel Parkside helps to support our community.
Thank you for your contribution to our village!

Our projects

Elephant Dung Paper

Every elephant produces around 50 – 70 kg of dung per day. Over 50{426bf6163b3002b23df76f89c3a493d7a15b467b1e4d487178251440477c0bee} of the plant material an elephant eats comes out the other end undigested. This way elephants are kindly doing the first stage of any paper making process: They are getting the fibres.
Elephant dung is not used otherwise in Nepal. Elephant Dung Paper is, therefore, a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

The production of Elephant Dung Paper has created job opportunities for a few young people in the village. The profit of this project supports marginal people of our society by investing in their education and health (especially wildlife victims), but also by promoting environmental protection.
Stitching Cloths Training

Through your stay with us, we can help to give marginalised village women the chance to earn their own money.

With a change of concept of people in society, the training helps many women to develop the necessary skills to earn their own money. It empowers them to open up their own small scale business. Because many Nepalese women are housewives they have no chance to go out and earn a living. This causes them to face many financial problems and sometimes unhealthy family dependence. Thank you for your support in giving our women this life changing opportunity.

Education to the Needy

We have sponsored more than 60 children from this village to get a better education. With the help of some individual sponsors and with our contribution to the society this is possible. Education is most important in life. If these young children get a good education, they will have a positive influence on our society and community. Educated children make the world a better place to live in.


To get the education, we need the means and materials for information. With the help of READ NEPAL, we have built the small Sauraha Library. It provides different kinds of information materials and computers, with internet usage free of charge.

The Library is also used as a centre for different types of vocational training, to develop the skills of people in the village. This is the best way to support and empower our villagers. We don’t want to give the villagers a fish to cook but we want to give them the skill to catch fish.

Health Centre

We are helping to build an Eye Clinic and a General Medical Treatment Centre to support marginal income villagers. Many people are not health conscious. Due to the lack of information and knowledge, many people die before time. They go to the hospital only after sickness strikes.  Had they known what kind of problem they have, doctors could have treated them in time, but many people come too late. That’s why we want to build a Health Centre. Prevention is better than cure.

Gaida Micro Credit

We have started our operation with the help of Sauraha Library to enhance the lives of people providing financial support. Villagers can get a Micro Credit and start a small business so that they can improve their living.

Building a School.

Our future is education. Nepal’s government provides 2 kinds of schooling systems, which divides our people into 2 groups:

Government Schools

Government Schools are quite cheap, but their quality is not up to international level. Teachers are overwhelmed with the number of children per class, underpaid and not motivated. Children who go to this type of school lack competitiveness on the job market. But today’s world is competitive so if poor people send their children here, they will always remain poor.

Private Schools

Private Schools are good but expensive. Too many marginal groups can’t send their children here. That is why we are trying our best to help create a good school where families who are better off  will pay for their children while children from the marginal group pay less but still get the same  good education. We have already bought enough land to build the school.
Our guests are welcome to contribute with their knowledge or by other means. Can you help us, even more, to change our society for the better?