The Experiences

Culture Show Gain some insight into the traditional life of the Tharu people with this unique and very entertaining, professionally presented evening performance.

Culture Show

Gain some insight into the traditional life of the Tharu people with this unique and very entertaining, professionally presented evening performance. Listen to Tharu songs, watch their dances, see their traditional costumes and be enthused by the rhythm of the drums. Amazing what these young men and women can do with sticks and fire! Stick Dance is means not only dancing but its have one history about this dance,A visit to the Culture Show is included if you have booked a package with us.

Sunset viewing

Part of every package is an easy guided evening walk to the sunset viewing point at the Rapti River. A number of beach bars provide what you need to bid farewell to an eventful day at Parkside Hotel. Relax with a beer, cocktail or lassi and watch the sun set in style.

Elephant Safari

It is time to become an integral part of the life of Chitwan National Park!
The elephant safari is an amazing and truly unforgettable experience. Seated high on the back of a trained elephant you get the chance to explore the grassland and part of the Sal-forest area of the park. Because wild elephants roam freely in the park our wildlife doesn’t mind them (and us) being around. Most guests come back with a few dozen rhino close-ups and a big smile on their faces. You will be amazed at how close you can get if not to the rhinos then at least the deer! The Elephant Safari is part of every package we offer.
Elephant Breeding Centre
Did you know that the trunk of an elephant contains over 40,000 muscles? That is by far more than us humans have in our entire body!
If you want to learn more about these truly great animals, their nature and habits, come and visit the Elephant Breeding Centre. The Centre was established in 1985 for the captive breeding of our endangered Asian elephants. There is a collection of interesting facts at the Centre’s Information Centre, you can see how elephants’ meals are prepared and observe how they feed.

Jungle Walk

We take you where nobody else goes! We start our very own guided Jungle Walk where the Canoe Tour ends. This is another excellent opportunity to see our four different kinds of deer, maybe a rhino, a wild bore, monkeys, a leopard, a sloth bear, and if you are extremely lucky the Royal Bengal Tiger. When we creep up onto the dam overlooking the riverbed you will most probably see a gharial or a marsh mugger crocodile lying on the riverbank. You will also encounter countless birds and many smaller mammals that have made Chitwan National Park their home. The Jungle Walk is included in every package.

Jeep Safari

The Jeep Drive is another exciting activity for nature-, bird-, and animal lovers. The Safari goes through grassland, riverine forests and Sal-forests to the Gharial Hatchery Farm in Kasara (the head quarters of the National Park) where you will learn how these delicate endangered freshwater crocodiles are brought up and later released into the wild rivers of the park. The Jeep Safari is included in packages of more than 3 nights and 4 days but can be arranged upon special request.

Village Tour

The guided Village Tour takes you to a nearby ethnic Tharu Village where you will learn some interesting facts about the life and lifestyle of the Tharus, who are the indigenous people of the area around Chitwan and the Terai.
The tour will also take you to the National Park’s Visitors Centre where you can learn more about our wildlife and also the history of the National Park.

Canoe Ride

The Canoe Ride is part of every package. It will give you an excellent opportunity to watch our beautiful birds and to see the two rare species of crocodiles found within the park: the Marsh Mugger and the fish eating Gharial.